12 Secrets to Having a Marriage That Lasts Forever

It doesn’t matter if the two are just taking a walk on a lazy weekend, planning an exotic vacation . . . or staying home each night. The forever marriage consists of two people who are committed to working it out, no matter what.


When one partner wants to make a life change, the other always supports them. Encourages them. Wants the spouse to grow as an individual. Two strong people make for a strong couple.


Remember what it felt like to hold your spouse in front of your loved ones for the first time as a couple? It felt amazing and powerful. Like your love couldn’t get any bigger than it was at that moment. Don’t stop dancing.


Sex is the one factor that separates your marriage from your other relationships, when you think about it. You have friendships that you are loyal to, just like your marriage. Since sex is the one differentiating factor, make it a priority and work affection into your marriage, however you both decide it should be.


Is there a magic potion or formula to making love and a marriage last forever? Not exactly, although some people might try to sell you a love potion! Having a marriage last forever requires marrying someone who both shares the same values as you and wants to keep the commitment alive as long as you do. But there are a few little secrets that can keep your marriage going the distance . . . until the end of time.