Stay Happy And Healthy

Happiness can prevent ill health.

While happiness does not predict longevity in sick populations, it can predict longevity among healthy populations.

The study was published in the Journal of Happiness Studies in 2008.

Happiness is defined as the overall appreciation of one’s life as a whole and a state of mind that can be measured using direct questioning techniques.

In the study involving people from many different walks of lives monitored over several years, he found that their happiness had a positive impact on their health.

Being happy does not mean you are immune to sickness. Happiness may protect you from falling sick and can potentially prolong your life.

So how can you increase your happiness and health.

Take Care Of Your Body

It is more common for happiness to have an impact on your life if you are healthy.

When your body is at ease and not suffering from any form of physical or mental pain, you feel motivated to work, study or focus on your responsibilities.

There is no particular diet plan that will make one always happy, but a diet that is well balanced with good proportion of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, lots of vegetables and some fruits will never go wrong. This can give all the essential nutrients the body needs to lead a healthier lifestyle.

It is not necessary to stress yourself to eat healthy every day – it is perfectly fine to have indulge once in a whileould eat well much more often than have cheat days.

Take Care Of Your Mind

Staying happy and healthy requires more than just exercising and avoiding bad food. It also includes having the right lifestyle habits.

Most people get stressed or frustrated with life despite following healthy recommendations as they do not realise their daily lifestyle habits might be a contributing factor to their lack of happiness in their life. Make choices you know you will be happy about and not those others think is right.

Reduce activities that cause you to worry, such as being on social media or thinking about your long-term future. Appreciate what you have.

A certified coach said as emotional species, we need to be in tune with what we ultimately want to achieve.

“I believe living in the present is very important. People tend to focus too much on their future and lose focus on what they have presently”. Do what you have to do to ensure a stable environment for yourself and then chuck unnecessary worries aside. Think about the present and enjoy moments with the people you love.”

Doing yoga and meditation can keep you grounded in the moment and has the added benefit of toning your muscles.

Yoga and meditation are great examples of how you can focus your mind, body and emotions on the present. Meditation is a powerful skill and can put your life into perspective for you. When you are more connected to yourself and what you desire, you will find that happiness comes naturally.