5 superfoods that may improve your mind and body

For people with inflammation problem, instead of tumeric, I suggest swallowing green chiretta leaves (Andrographis paniculata). It’s easy to grow and that pointed, deep green leaves doesn’t look that bad. I have a mild respiratory inflammation, and consuming one leaf a day before I sleep really help me to supress it. You don’t need to boil or crush it because it’s so bitter; just swallow it a whole. The effect might take longer to show compared to boiling it, but on the positive side, you’re exempted from tasting that bitter taste.


I am following this method and ever since it has helped me to be active and able to concentrate on my daily work. Just a little bit daily gives long effect on our body.


Nutritionists recommend eating pomegranates fresh as opposed to in the form of juice, to get the full benefits of the fruit’s mucilage, which is rich in antioxidants and fibres.


Researchers are currently studying possible uses for turmeric sourced from the Indian state of Kerala, which has the highest curcumin content, in the treatment of cancer.