Brain-Boosting Foods That Will Make You Smarter

found that the flavanols that get absorbed when you consume chocolate penetrate and accumulate in the brain regions involved in learning and memory, especially the hippocampus. Another test,


Great news for dark chocolate lovers! Several studies demonstrate its brain-boosting powers, including enhanced cognitive function, a reduced risk of dementia, and improved performance on challenging brain teasers—along with a slew of other


found that luteolin slowed cognitive decline in older mice. You don’t have to chomp down a huge stick of celery to reap it’s benefits: Try chopping some up and adding it to your tuna salad, or tossing a bunch into the next soup you make. Try these mouthwatering recipes for an


to get you started.) Because what celery lacks in taste it more than makes up for in brain power! It’s a rich source of luteolin, a plant compound believed to reduce inflammation in the brain, thereby protecting it from the aging process. A


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