Cleaning mistakes that might make your home even dirtier

It’s a common misconception that the more you use, the cleaner it gets. But less is more with solutions, because if there is too much foam, it prevents dirt from being removed effectively.


The heat, which is especially strong in the afternoon, can cause your cleaner to dry before you finish, leaving a streaky mess. Clean your windows when the weather is gentler, or at least when the sun isn’t shining straight at your window.


Avoid leaving things most, be it the toilet brush, your mop or sponge. Leave them out to dry in an area with good ventilation and sunlight before storing them.


A musty smell develops easily when the closet is packed to the brim. Hang an air fresher into a corner of your wardrobe that enjoys the best ventilation, or mix a packat of bi-carb soda with a packed of loose tea leaves and place them in your wardrobe.


The tropical Singapore weather makes it easy for mould and mildew to grow in humid and damp areas, such as in your washing machine. Run an empty cycle at the highest level and hottest setting, and add two to four cups of white cleaning vinegar to it. After the cycle, wipe down the drum with a damp microfibre cloth and leave it to dry. Clean the detergent dispensers with a toothbrush, too.