Coffee Recipes: Yummy Things To Do With Coffee—Besides Drink It

Courtesy Chameleon Cold Brew This Italian-inspired slushie will have you questioning if you ever need to drink a Frappuccino again. With its blend of vanilla cold brew, coconut nectar, and coconut milk, this coffee recipe will have you in the best of spirits, especially on hot days or when you really have a strong sweet tooth.


Courtesy Chameleon Cold Brew Half the fun of eating churros is using a dipping sauce, and this churro recipe comes with a special sauce featuring delicious chocolate infused with cold brew. Add pinches of cinnamon and cayenne for a Spanish-inspired dessert that will have you saying olé! Let’s also not forget all the health benefits of chocolate!


Courtesy Chameleon Cold Brew For those days when you’re really feeling that afternoon slump but don’t want to drink a whole other cup of coffee, you can just pop one of these energy balls instead. Cold brew coffee is mixed with oats, dates, coconut, cacao, and cinnamon for a sweet and healthy treat that will leave you ready to conquer the day.


Courtesy Chameleon Cold Brew Making your own barbecue sauce from scratch is impressive enough, but you can make any dish even more gourmet by adding some cold brewed coffee to your recipe. This tangy sauce can be added to vegetables and meats, and it can even be used in a slow cooker or saved for up to a month for all your grilling needs. Check out these other unexpected slow cooker recipes.


Courtesy Chameleon Cold Brew Whether you’re sticking to vegetable-filled skewers or adding meat or chicken, you can kick the flavor up a notch by using a marinade infused with cold brew. This sweet and savory marinade blends garlic, red wine vinegar, cold brew, and brown sugar to make the perfect dipping sauce for grilling. With this recipe, there will be no dips in energy at your next barbecue. While you’re at it, be sure to avoid these BBQ and grilling mistakes.