Curtis Stone makes steak salad and shares 5 kitchen hacks

Drop a raw egg into a glass of water. If the egg sinks, it’s fresh. If the egg floats, it’s not as fresh. An air pocket develops inside eggs over time, due to the evaporation of moisture, which causes the egg to rise.


Need some help around the kitchen? Stone shares a few of his favorite tips. Try these cleaning, cooking and storage hacks to keep your kitchen at its very best:


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This satisfying salad pairs fresh herbs, crisp greens and veggies with hearty steak for a light yet filling meal. The easy Asian-inspired dressing packs on lots of flavor and compliments the richness of the meat.


Chef Curtis Stone stops by the TODAY kitchen to share five of his most helpful kitchen hacks. He also cooks up a summery salad with grilled, dry-aged steak, fresh herbs and a flavorful Thai-inspired dressing.