Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

Leverages sound waves to convert the beers natural carbonation into densely compact uniformed bubbles that enhance the aroma and enrich the texture and taste of your beer.


– When you place a can or bottle of beer into the Waytap system and close it, the system is automatically pressurized and ready to dispense. Pulling the handle forward gently pours the body of the beer under pressure into your glass, controlling the flow digitally while keeping the bottle pressurized to keep the bulk of the carbonation within the beer. Pushing the handle backwards triggers the sonication process, which applies sound waves to control the process of abstracting and converting the beer’s natural carbonation into ideal Micro-Foam comprised of uniform-sized bubbles with the perfect density, delivering the best aroma, flavor and mouth-feel.


The Waytap allows beer aficionados and novices alike to pour expert draft quality beer by reviving any can or bottle beer to brewery fresh draft. Engineered using the Fizzics Technology to unlock the full taste of authentic draft beer, enhancing its aroma and delivering the freshest, full-body flavor possible