Foods that are not as healthy as you think

Frozen yogurt may have lesser amount of saturated fat in comparison to an ice cream. But, in terms of calorie and sugar intake, they stand quite closer to each other.


A bran muffin offers no health advantage over a doughnut as most commercially sold bran muffins contain about 800 calories of sugar and fat, taking it higher than a traditional cake doughnut. To put a cap on high calorie intake, simply read the nutritional information before eating.


Energy bars may appear to be a perfect pre-workout snack, however, many bars include high fructose corn syrup, added sugar, and saturated fat. Some meal replacement bars contain as many as 350 calories.


A handful of trail mix – the ready versions available in the store, are full of candy-coated pieces, yogurt-covered raisins, and deep-fried banana chips. This mixture contains almost 300 calories worth of sugars, trans fat and refined carbohydrates.


The store bought smoothies that appear healthy, actually include more calories in comparison to a burger. Although smoothies contain plant-based nutrients, one should take in account the extra 650-1000 calories in form of added sugars and syrups.