Here’s How to Access “Hidden” Netflix Movies and Shows

Keep in mind, Netflix is constantly cycling new title in and old titles out, so these codes are bound to change over time. But seeing as Netflix doesn’t show any sign of dipping in popularity any time soon, a quick “secret Netflix codes” search engine query will do wonders. In the mood to watch a throwback? Check out these 13 classic shows you didn’t know you could watch on Netflix.


Once you’re logged into your Netflix account, start typing in this URL: From there, you add in the codes; for example, the code for Scandinavian Movies is “9292” so your final URL will read like this:


Netflix takes in data from all the titles you watch to create special categories tailored to your taste. But gaming the system is easy, so you can determine your own binging fate. It only takes a few steps to access the additional genres you never knew existed.


Netflix, the streaming service responsible for murdering all but a few Blockbusters, is ubiquitous. People of all ages use it, love it, and are obsessed with it. But the big red giant is hiding something that most of its customers don’t know about: swaths of “hidden” titles that can be found with the help of special codes.