‘Pepper’ the emotional robot, sells out within a minute

Developers admit that the robot may make mistakes, but says Pepper will learn and grow over time through his own emotional engine and collective wisdom gained through collected cloud data.


Pepper has his own evolving emotions which “are influenced by people’s facial expressions and words, as well as his surroundings,” according to SoftBank. “Pepper is at ease when he is with people he knows, happy when praised and scared when the lights go down.”


With his array of cameras, touch sensors, accelerometer and other sensors in his “endocrine-type multi-layer neural network,” Pepper has the ability to read your emotions as well as develop his own. He isn’t a work robot, but more of an emotional companion for people.


Standing just under four feet tall, and weighing 61 pounds, Pepper is designed to read emotions as well as recognize tones of voice and facial expressions in order to interact with humans. But most of all, “he tries to make you happy,” Kaname Hayashi, Softbank’s project manager, told last year.