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If shopping in upscale markets only conjures up images of a concrete jungle, you should visit the Futako Tamagawa Rise. The mall has a serene river right next to it! Tokyo is steeped in history, so you don’t have to wonder what shopping in the 17th century looked like. Visit the Nakamise market that feels like another era altogether! Here you can browse through a selection of vintage Kimonos and replica Samurai swords. Don’t forget to visit the Venus Fort mall to experience what being in a medieval European village feels like.


Thanks to globalization, you can find most international products in your home country but there are still some quirky objects you will only find here. Traditional Japanese clothing like Haori and rare manga collectibles are a treasure to take back home.


Feel like royalty at the impressively constructed Tokyo Solamachinn with its top brands and variety. Visit high-end boutiques with no price tags or enjoy the revelry of street markets like the Ameya Yokocho. It doesn’t matter what your taste or budget is; Tokyo’s dynamic shopping scene caters to everyone.


If you are considering a trip to Tokyo, let this be the start of something truly unique. With its high-end fashion, its traditional art and crafts, toys, and unbeatable choices in electronics, there is no better place to go on a shopcation than the stunning and ever-buzzing capital of Japan.


As any true shopper will tell you, shopping isn’t just about the stuff you buy. It is the journey. Scouring through the highs and lows, appreciating the artisan’s touch, optimizing value, imagining a loved one’s reaction, getting insights into the way a local resident lives – shopping has so many intricacies! Why not embark on a vacation where shopping and travel merge seamlessly for an unforgettable experience? In other words, how about a shopcation?



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