The Best Simple Pleasures in Life to Enjoy Today

Games of tag, getting called to dinner, staying up late catching fireflies, and neighborhood adventures: The smell of a street after a summer rain calls back memories of childhood so poignant, it’ll take your breath away.


Nothing says pure bliss like getting out of a warm bath and slipping into crisp, clean sheets. As you tuck a pillow behind your head and inhale the fresh scent, it’s easy to imagine all is right in the world—and it is, for this one precious moment. Don’t forget these


Notice how certain people seem to have effortless, calm mornings while the rest of us rush through early hours in a whirl of bleary-eyed chaos? These tips from organization experts will set you up for a goof-proof, productive morning.


Cold weather causes 17 times as many deaths as hot weather, according to a 2015 study of 13 countries, leading to hypothermia, frostnip and frostbite, heart and breathing risks, and ice-related risks of falling, among other dangers. Here’s how to stay safe.


Izdebska Karolina/ShutterstockIn the great green room there was a telephone. And a red balloon. And a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. We’re sure you can finish the rest from memory—and with good reason, some children’s books are classics for adults too. When is the last time you read The Chronicles of Narnia or The Velveteen Rabbit? You’ll love it just as much now as you did then. Need ideas? Start with these 15 best children’s books to read as adults.