This is the one simple thing you should always do to get special treatment from flight attendants

“It is when I stand at the aircraft door greeting people and get ignored. To have someone clearly see me and ignore my ‘hello’ and walk on by is the most dehumanizing experience.


“You know what the worst part of my job is? It isn’t cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in my face, which is what most people assume,” she wrote.


In a recent blog post for Flyertalk, JetBlue flight attendant and columnist Amanda Pleva gave an honest account of what it takes for her to treat a passenger well – and it all comes down to how she is treated by them.


However, while we may often think the best way to do this is to spend money on more leg room, a special meal, or even an upgrade, it turns out all we need to do is pay attention to the cabin crew.


Whether you’re travelling in first class or economy, you’re probably always looking for ways to make flying as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.