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“If you are going to spend thousands on jewellery, then you want a piece that is versatile and relevant. The Aerial Regal diamond can be disassembled and worn individually as pendants.”


“Our diamond cutting wheels are vibration free as this affects the cut. Most diamond cutting wheels spin so rapidly that they have a subtle vibration. Vibrations cause drag lines along the facets of the diamonds, resulting in poor light reflection.


“When diamonds are being formed, they twist and turn like a tree reaching towards the sunlight. As a result layers are formed from pressure stacking on top of each other, resulting in different shapes.”


“To qualify as a HOF diamond, the structure of the crystal has to be completely pure in terms of optics, the way it reflects the light and it has to be a beautiful shape.”


HOF, exclusively distributed by Habib in Malaysia, is a luxury diamond jewellery brand founded in the US in 1996 and is known for the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.