Watch this man carrying mugs of beer for the world record

Oliver Struempfel had been training at the gym three to four times a week since February in preparation for his record attempt. Photo: Michael Dalder/Reuters


After first breaking his record by carrying 27 tankards, Struempfel went for a second attempt with four more, cradling 31 beer-filled tankards stacked up in two tiers and walking them 40m. But after two tipped over at the last minute, the new world record stands at 29 jugs, or more than 69kg of beer and glass.


Many Bavarians take their beer very seriously. So seriously in fact that you can win world records just by carrying it – at least if you can carry 29 one-litre mugs of beer over a 40-metre distance and then set them down without spilling more than 10% of the contents.