Why was The Emoji Movie made in the first place?

“The best animated movies are not just goofy little silly things running around,” observes Tony Leondis, an industry veteran since he started as a story artist on the 1998


This sends Gene on a journey of escape and discovery through the phone’s apps – Candy Crush, Spotify, Just Dance, YouTube, piracy, etc – in hopes of reaching the legendary Cloud, where he believes he can be fixed.


Fearing – rightly – that Gene’s glitch will cause Alex to wipe his phone (and their world), Texto-polis’ ever-upbeat evil honcho Smiler (Maya Rudolph) essentially tries to have him deleted.


But Gene was born without a filter, and when it’s time to upload his image to the internet, he gets so nervous that an insanely incomprehensible picture of conflicting feelings is sent to a girl Alex likes instead.


It’s the main problem for protagonist Gene, voiced by T.J. Miller. He, like all his digital race, is supposed to express one idea – in Gene’s case, it’s “meh” – in texts, posts and e-mails made by the phone’s owner, a teenage boy named Alex.