Wireless Chargers

Belkin And Mophie Wireless Chargers

The Apple store sells 2 Qi wireless chargers, from Belkin and mophie respectively. Both are shaped like cup coasters and deliver up to 7.5W of power, compared with the typical 5W of power from genetic wireless chargers, though that is lower than the maximum 15W specified in the Qi standard.

The difference between the 2 : the slightly more compact mophie comes in black with a non-slip coating while the Belkin charger is in white with an LED indicator that lights up when charging.

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand (Convertible)


Samsung’s latest wireless charging stand comes in a handsome faux leather finish.

More importantly, it switches between stand and pad modes.

It can prop up and charge your phone in either landscape or portrait orientation because it has multiple induction coils.

Or you can lay it flat like a normal charging pad.

Its fast wireless charging feature will not work with the iPhone, but it is useful for compatible Samsung phones. There is even a built-in fan to cool the phone during fast charging.

IKEA Wireless Charging Pads And Furniture

Furniture retailer IKEA has embraced wireless charging. It offers a range of Qi wireless charging pads as well as lamps with built-in charging pads. For those with multiple devices and cannot wait for Apple’s AirPower, the Nordmarke triple pad can charge three phones at a time.

The circular Morik wireless charger fits into the premade holes found in select Ikea night stands, while the Jyssen charger can be used with your preferred table with some drilling.

The Riggad and Hektar desk lamps both come with an integrated wireless charging base. The larger Varv floor lamp has a handy charging pad around the height of an armchair, making it convenient to charge your phone while you relax with a book or magazine.

Energea Wimount

The Energea Wimount might look and work like a  smartphone car mount, but it is also a fast-charging wireless charger.

It connects to your car’s power supply via a micro -USB port at the rear. Charge your Qi-compatible phone by placing it on the charging mount when you drive.

It comes with a car cigarette-lighter charger, a micro-USB cable and a suction mount for you to place the charging mount anywhere on the windscreen.